13 Profound Life lessons You Learn During College

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It is probably the first time when you step out of your home to pursue graduation. You will meet many new people – all shall be different. That will be the first time when you will get to learn so much that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the years of your graduation shall form the pillars of your life ahead. At the Howard University Oprah Winfrey beautifully put into a words that “Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing, by doing the things you are not supposed to do.”

And the years you spend at your university gives you an opportunity to discover your own path. You can swiftly move on from one path to another until you discover the destination you would love to reach despite all the hurdles and risks it holds.

1. Opportunistic people are everywhere

Things that surprise you during the initial days of college are the way people tend to change their behavior based on the people they are hanging around. For instance, some will abuse few classmates a lot behind their back but they will also be the first one’s to please them once they see them passing by.

2. Procrastination has no limit

I found many buddies who wished to do a list of things in four years of engineering but they stepped out of college without even giving all of them a try.

3. Party holds more uninvited guests than invited guests

If you invite anyone to your birthday party then expect them to be there at your place without much exceptions. When you are troubled and in need of help “the number you have dialed is busy” phenomenon takes place. That’s how real life actually looks like. Those who stand by you shall always be very less. Everyone else just stands behind you till you can entertain them.

4. The world has less of humanity

The greatest irony that I discovered was that everyone grumbled “He/She didn’t helped me when I needed…I had just asked for a little favor”. But when I asked them “How many people have you helped in your life so far?”. “Silence” was the reply I got.

5. People do have an attitude problem

Enrolled in the same institution, attending same lectures & taking same end-semester examinations some cannot shed off the shadow of their family’s wealth & arrogance. You will meet such people no matter where you go. You gradually learn to deal with it.

6. Arguments are needed too

Arguments do have modest value. Until & unless you are arguing with an intent of learning it has no value. So, stay out of them.

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7. If you obsessed in love you’ll have a bad time

Finding a true love in this generation is like finding an answer from google on it’s tenth page. Its that unusual. You are perhaps surrounded with people who don’t know the ABC of love. So, if you do fall in love and find a partner then the most probable result is that it would end abruptly, at least until the college ends.

8. Money is always there

Sometimes, your friends tell you how they are surviving on meager budgets. Unfortunately, you can always witness hidden money coming out of nowhere when they hang out with some dear mates rather than you. Remember, money and time is always there. It’s all about priorities.

9. The beauty of ‘LAST’ minute

Don’t underestimate the value of last minutes. All assignments, power point presentations and indeed clearing the exams are the results of these last-minute investments.

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10. The power of team

The best thing you learn in your college is forgetting yourself for a moment – working for a “we purpose” instead of “I”.

11. The joy of being informal

The relationships that requires formalities are not worth the efforts. Fun would always be missing there. So, choose to live with people with whom you can be crazy.


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12. Take a break

After days of hard-work do get yourself a break! Kill your time the way you wanted. It will add meaning to your life in case you haven’t found any yet.

13. Don’t take your life seriously

Last but not the least, don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy your bits and pieces of inappropriate things in life. You may get a backlog in your papers you did the best in. That’s how silly and unfair life can get! You may not get selected in a campus recruitment for the company you had always wished to work with. On the other hand, a dumb candidate might end up getting the letter of joining which you wanted to see in your hands.

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At the end of the day, accept the realities. Life is unfair at times. But there has to be a strong reason for it to be so! In all these unfairness’ trust me the ultimate benefit is yours. We may all agree those are the days that taught us to be who we are now. Many up’s and down’s. Isn’t life all about it?  Comment below your favorite thing that you miss you most about your college. Share this article to all your friends and make them turn the pages of memory down the lane.

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