12 Coolest And Incredible Jobs In The World That Will Make You Quit

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Job is a vital thing in your life. It is directly proportional to your happiness and satisfaction in your life. Many people consider taking up their passion as a job. While that is not the case in general though. This is due to the fact that the industries such as IT, Medical, Bank jobs etc has grown widely at numerous parts of the world and people are gravitated towards this sort of 9-5 job for the decent work life and pay of course.

Being bored, annoyed or dissatisfied at your job is one of the gestures that life shows you, to act on it. We have brought up the most coolest yet incredible jobs that may fulfill both your passion and your pocket. Here you go! Enjoy taking up these jobs and live a life full of enthusiasm and amusement.

Travel Writer

Travel to the most amazing places of the world, share your experiences through the internet and get paid for it. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a cool job? You can be a travel blogger or an author who periodically writes articles on the places that he/she has visited. Usually helping the audience with tips and suggestions of stay, these real time travel bloggers can make up to 6 figures for a year. You can also sell your travel stories to magazines and newspapers.

alignthoughts-travel-writerImgSrc – instphil.org/


Travel, capture the image on your lens and get paid for it. Truly a creative, fun loving and an adventurous Job. If you get famous with your creativity, chances are you may make good money. Go try to bring out the photographer in you.

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alignthoughts-photography-with-dslr-cameraImgSrc –daily.freshmonk.com/

Movie Critic

Meet celebrities, attend grand premiers, review the films and get paid for it. Perfect job for a film buff!

alignthoughts-movie-critic-mharris_stanley_Martin_Dee2ImgSrc – straight.com/

Disc Jockey

Play Music, dance to it, socialize, meet new people and enjoy free clubbing. The best job for a music lover and it pays really good as well.

alignthoughts-coolest-jobs-in-the-world-disc-jockey-DJImgSrc – wikipedia.org/

Scuba Diving Instructor

For those who are lovers of nature and water sports adventure activities, this is a really cool job as you get to be in the water watching the best world under water. You train and meet lots of tourists interested in exploring scuba diving. There is no chaos under the water, no noise, no worries. Its not less than meditating. Great job to discover the real you.

alignthoughts-scubadiving-jobs-in-the-world-you-must-tryImgSrc – wallpapercave.com/


Game Addicts can’t complain. There are really jobs where you get paid for clearing the stages of the difficult games, checking out for bugs and ensure the best quality. Umm, only serious gamers apply?

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alignthoughts-best-jobs-in-the-world-intense-gamerImgSrc – thejaggedword.com/

Beer Taster

In addition to increase your health by having beer, you also enjoy the drink. When you have a job like this, you have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside more often than most of us do. Beer Lovers can never complain about the job profile. Its always party season for them :)

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alignthoughts-beer-taster-jobs-in-the-world-Beer-DrinkingImgSrc – crushbrew.com/

Salsa Dancer

Dance with someone who really has the same passion as you possess, on different occasions, at different countries and still make money out of it. Truly a lovely job one can take up. Try exploring the various ranges of salsa from Miami style Casino to Rueda de Casino.

alignthoughts-dance-genre-salsa-couple-holding-each-otherImgSrc – danceparadenewyork.wordpress.com/

Private Island Caretaker

For those who love natural beauty, fun in the sun, and a healthy dose of solitude, becoming the caretaker of a private island could be a dream come true. “Sun, sand and the Caribbean Sea – nothing beats it. It’s just a great life! And if you’re the right type of person, you’ll never go back to life on the mainland!” says James Ralston care taker of Bahamas. Try to bring out the Bear Grylls’ in you.

alignthoughts-private-island-care-taker-best-job-in-the-worldImgSrc – hostelbookers.com/

Car Tester

This job is one of a kind for all those who are crazy about car rides and a luxury life. You would probably love racing around in a brand new BMW or Ferrari, and you will find a chance to do the same. Go get your driving license renewed and apply for the BMW test driver.

alignthoughts-Red-Color-Ferrari-458-Italia-best-jobs-in-the-worldImgSrc – gaddidekho.com/

Chocolate Taster

This is one sweet job which all the girls out there will love to take up, provided she is not diet conscious about putting on weight.

Alignthoughts-best-jobs-in-the-world-chocolate-taster-brussels-chocolate-tourImgSrc – travelblog.viator.com/

Cyclist in Paris

Love Paris and Cycling? Then here is a job for you. Google hired two young cyclists to ride ultra high-tech, three wheeled bikes through the french capital, also known as the City of Lights. Their job was to make sure the cycles rode through all the corners of the city, so that the digital cameras equipped in the cycles captured photos for google maps.

alignthoughts-google-jobs-to-click-around-parisImgSrc – nbcnews.com/

Keep looking if Google wants more photos for some other city you love :) Is your dream job within this list, then go ahead and follow your passion. If not, you must be doing the right job.

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