12 Breathtaking Things To Do This Winter

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1) Go on a Reindeer-Drawn Safari, Lapland – Finland

For centuries, the Sami people have traveled with their herds of reindeer across the Lapland region, which comprises the northernmost regions of Finland, Norway, Sweden.

The snow lasting for 200 days makes the snow sled, snowmobile, and skis the preferred modes of transportation. Experience the frosty thrill of gliding through the snow-covered forest in a reindeer-drawn sleigh at the northern parts of Finland.

2) Feel heaven on Earth at Bergen – Norway

Known for the majestic mountains this country has never ever been missed by any of the adventure wanderers. Mountains provide opportunities to ski, sledge and hike. Get to the top of Mount Ulriken by a cable car and admire the panoramic views. Visitors are also offered to relax in impeccable Scandinavian SPA centers.


3) Find fun and harmony at the sametine at Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo is the place where you can find all the good things that a big city has to offer, as well as find a retreat and peace in various temples or nature. Numerous activities from skiing to bathing, dining at the best sushi restaurants will make your winter holiday a blast.

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4) Embrace Winter at Montréal en Lumière – Montreal

Bundle up, get outside, and celebrate winter at the 16th Montréal en Lumière, the city’s biggest winter arts, music, and food festival. The eclectic lineup includes live music, theater, and dance performances; dazzling light shows; and circus acts, dance parties, plus ice sliding and ice-skating.


Mixed in are fine-dining events pairing top Montreal chefs and over 50 city restaurants with culinary masters from the United States and Switzerland, the festival’s featured country for 2015. Save some energy for the final night’s Nuit Blanche à Montréal, a dusk-to-dawn party packed with more than 200 indoor and outdoor activities. Most events are free, and some are held under the stars or, if you’re lucky, the lightly falling snow.

5) Take a Winter Wonderland Train Ride Into the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver to Calgary

To stay and play (on snowshoes, skis, or skates, and by dogsled and sleigh) in the mountains, join Fresh Track Canada’s Rockies Rails Winter Wonderland tour. This small-group trip includes a two-day, one-night train ride; hotel stays in Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff; a Maligne Canyon ice walk and Icefields Parkway scenic drive; and a heli-tour of Banff National Park.

“It’s such a thrill to fall asleep by rail and then, in the morning, draw back the curtains and realize you are in the heart of the mountains. You really are in the ‘land of a million Christmas trees.”, says Katherine Foxcroft,who has taken the trip.


6) Shop at the Christmas Markets at Vienna – Austria

The historic city embedded in the Alpine region is a center of attraction. In winter it provides numerous entertaining activities. The skating rinks like the one in the Town Hall are surrounded with amazing architecture making the experience even more fun. Before the holidays Christmas markets take over the city, where you can find sweets, delicacies and local crafts.

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7) Witness the Monarch Butterfly Migration – Mexico

It’s a moving experience to be surrounded by millions of monarch butterflies and see 10,000 of them at a time bursting off an Oyamel fir tree like fireworks around you.


8) Take a Wild Off-Road Tour Through Arikok National Park – Aruba

Soak in the remote Natural Pool; visit caves (some with resident bats or Arawak Indian drawings); stand atop limestone cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea; and look for the resident wildlife, including burrowing owls and whiptail lizards. Exploring through road is the best way to make it a breath-taking experience.


9) Sedona, Arizona – USA

The town is famous for the red sandstone formations, that become sprinkled with snowy dust in winter. However the weather remains mild, but there are no crowds during this time of the year, thus you can enjoy tranquil solitude and empty hiking trails. Hot-air balloon trips are offered to admire the sunrise and the rocks, while restaurants and spa treatments will provide a relaxing vacation.

A nice retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. Breathtaking canyons and great service promise a nice holiday.


10) Feel the Chrismats Eve at NYC – USA

The city that never sleeps – even in the coldest winter. Unlike the West Coast, the East Coast gets covered in a thick layer of snow. It provides a winter-like landscape and all the urban facilities you can think of. Also do not forget beautiful Central Park, which has numerous romantic hiking trails and offers horse carriage rides.


11) Enjoy the “…Once in a lifetime moment” at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

The Icehotel is a hotel built each year with snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, about 17 kilometres from Kiruna. It is the world’s first ice hotel. After its first opening in 1990, the hotel has been built each year from December to April. The hotel, including the chairs and beds, is constructed from snow and ice blocks taken from the nearby Torne River. Artists are invited to create different rooms and decorations made by ice. Besides bedrooms, there is a bar, with glasses made of ice and an ice chapel that is popular with marrying couples. The structure remains below freezing, around −5 °C.



12) Embrace the Northern Lights at Iceland

Guaranteed darkness is the first important factor. The best season to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to mid-April – these are the months where there are full dark nights. This is for sure a must to see once in a lifetime. Then there is of course the city’s famous nightlife and bar scene that is not to be missed on weekends.


The city goes from a quiet fishing town to an all-out rager on Friday and Saturday nights, and there are dozens of bars in the downtown area to suit every taste and fancy. Take in a bit of everything and you are sure to have a fabulous stay in this country, northern lights or no northern lights.

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13) Go Boating in Kashmir

If this beauty is stated as “Heaven on Earth”, is not likely an exaggeration. Kashmir is known for its beauty all across the four different seasons unlike the other states of India. This state is being shared by India and Pakistan mainly covering the Himalayan mountains. The Jammu-Srinagar highway, and the region of Ladakh is worth visit in winter for the spectacular view you get to see.


The locals of Kashmir are so friendly and kind. You might go on boating in the shivering cold and snow with warm cuppa tea Kawa, traditional green tea with spices and almond, is consumed all through the day in the chilly winter climate of Kashmir admiring the nature on its way.


So, stop getting inside your blankets on the chilly winter days and embrace the nature at its best phase of winter. Make the most of this month and welcome the new year with an incredible enthusiasm.

Happy Winter :)

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