12 Best Things Only Lazy People Will Realise

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Laziness is one such characteristic that is born with me. I just can’t get rid of it somehow. I have tried many a times setting short term goals in order to come out of it and make myself relaxed to handle daily chores. But in vain.

People who are lazy struggle a lot in their day-to-day activities. To be on time to office is a nightmare. But I have now gave up to change my own self and continue to be lazy.

Here are the interesting things that you will understand only if you are a lazy person. And don’t worry being one, be proud of you. To err is human, if you are doing everything on time and as per the rules, you are no less than a robot. So be who you are and love yourself.

1) You struggle with your laziness. You are like, “Should I sit down and do nothing or lie down and do nothing?”



2) Being on time to office is a funny joke.



3) Naps are the most important things and can happen almost anywhere.



4) Eating in bed is the best ever time pass, especially on the weekends. If you have a lifelog mobile app installed, it can easily predict that you hardly have walked any steps for the day.

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5) You love being at home. No matter where your friends hangout. You cant just stay back and watch 4 to 5 movies consecutively.



6) Waking up from bed is a punishment. Your alarm clock also gives up trying to wake you up in the end. Thank God, there is snooze button out there!! 😛 



7) Your best friends are the remote and the couch. Together you can pass several days.

Man on sofa watching television

8) You keep postponing your laundry plans and whiff your clothes to test which of them may pass as fresh.



9) You take leave from your work just because you can sleep all day. No matter what your boss thinks, you just love staying back at home.

newborn baby sleeping

10) You try to find the easiest way out to do “Everything”. Indeed, for all the luxurious facilities we have currently the credit completely goes to the lazy guys out there. For instance, the rolling door was invented by one such lazy man who did not want to hold the door for others.



11) You pretend to be sleeping so that you may not have to get up to switch off the light.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-4984-1394022193-15 (1)


12) You can bend at such awkward angles to pick up fallen things that you can give gymnasts a run for their money.















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