11 Things You Didn’t Know About Introverts. There’s nothing wrong with you, if you are an ‘Introvert’

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When I need a rest, I prefer time alone or with one or two close people rather than a group

When I work on projects, I like to have larger uninterrupted time periods rather than smaller chunks

I can zone out if too much is going on

I don’t like to interrupt others; I don’t like to be interrupted

I can become grouchy if I am around people or activities too long

I often dread returning phone calls

I am creative/imaginative

I form lasting relationships

I usually need to think before I respond or speak

Yes, to every one of them! Lot of people, usually assume introverts are awkward, anti-social and reclusive. They are unlike social people who make new friends quickly and be a part of many occasions. But your assumption will change after reading this post.

If you are an introvert, be happy to be one!

What the Experts Say

All of us have introverted and extroverted traits. Temperaments exist on a continuum with one of the psychological types dominating. According to The Introvert Advantage, Marti Olsen Laney’s bestselling book on the characteristics of introversion, 25% of all people are introverts. A statistic from a 1998 Myers-Briggs computation of I or introverted personality types showed the introvert population to be as high as 50%. Either way, chances are you or someone you know well, is an introvert.

Things about Introverts Most People Do Not Know

1)  Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not all shy bookworms.

The difference between introverts and extroverts is not social skills. It is the way they recharge or gain energy. The revered psychologist, Carl Jung, was the first to coin introversion as, life defined by the pursuit of solitude. Introverts renew in solitude, from within. Extroverts thrive on external stimulation.


2)  It is an innate temperament. It is not a choice.

It’s not upto you to decide whetether you will be an introvert or an extrovert. It’s just a natural trait.


3) Introverts have better memory than extroverts.

Introverts use long-term memory more, therefore retrieving information takes longer. The introvert brain integrates complex intellectual and emotional information better but requires more time. It is not uncommon for an introvert to go blank when called on unexpectedly only to have the perfect response surface later.


Extroverts have more dopamine in their primary pathways. Dopamine is associated with movement, learning, and attention.

4) Being observed and asked to perform on the spot is difficult.

Say for instance, you are asked to present something on stage without notice(on the spot), then you get dreaded.

SGT Tony Watkins writes a letter home to his girlfiend at the Marine's base at Kandahar International Airport, 12//01.

 You find it very easy to write what you think and even practice your strengths at home, rather than boasting in front of your friends or teachers.

5) Introverts find satisfaction in thinking, feeling, dreaming, and ideas

Our primary source of energy comes from within.


6) Introverts are rarely lonely when they are alone.

Solitude is where they find the quiet necessary to tap into the inner well and achieve clarity.


Introverts may appear to be self-centered but in truth they are mulling over the activities and conversations of the outside world to see how their internal world compares.

7) Introverts are able to put themselves in others’ shoes

They understand other’s feelings and they are there for you when in need. They are very likely to be the best care taker if you find one in your life.


8) Introverts do not like interruption in work.

Some of the introverts get up early or stay awake late in the night,  in order to have time to do work without interruption.


9) Introverts form long lasting relationships

Introverts find it difficult to socialize with people and take pretty longer time to consider someone as their friend. But once they start trusting you, they are the most trusted person you can ever have.


10) External stimulation drains introverts’ energy.

This is not to say that introverts do not enjoy connecting with people. They are just more comfortable cherishing and nurturing fewer intimate relationships.


 Extroverts get pumped up from hits of socializing, technology and activity but introverts can easily become overwhelmed. Crowds, noise, interruptions, back to back activities and chaotic environments are huge energy drains.

11) Introverts go deeper with fewer subjects and fewer relationships.

Introvert’s  want to process every bit of data completely, chewing and digesting each morsel. Too much information, just like too many people, can be hyper-stimulating. At a party you will most likely find an introvert in a corner with one or two people in a meaningful conversation.

Coffee Shop engagement session by melaniegabrielle.com

Small talk does not light up an introvert’s heart or mind. If given the chance to speak in a comfortable atmosphere about a subject near and dear to them, introverts can talk for hours. Visit any coffee shop to witness this phenomenon.

12) You express your thoughts boldly

No matter what others think of you, you share your thoughts clearly and boldly with others and you give real suggestions. In short, you are less fake.

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Healthy Attributes Of an Introvert

I still have days when I feel limited by my temperament. When I do, I re-visit the special powers of introverts:

  •  Rich inner life
  •  Vivid imagination
  •  Never bored
  •  Rarely lonely
  •  Foster deep relationships
  •  Know themselves
  •  Help others filter and slow down
  •  Empathic
  •  Independent
  •  Able to concentrate for long periods of time

Are you an introvert? It’s okay to be one. You are unique, you are driven by your own soul, you are independent and you are true. Be proud to be all of these.

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