11 Reasons Why You Must Not Take New Year Resolutions This Year

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The truth is, most of us will do the same thing we always do; set some goals that will be forgotten about by the 7th January, or later. So this year we are proposing something different. And the goal-setting gurus will hate us for it.

So this year, we are offering you an alternative pathway to be yourself.

“What! But it’s New Year. A time to restart the clock, to set about achieving all that’s possible and to fulfil my potential!”

Forget it. If you don’t want to find yourself in exactly the same position this time next year, thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same feelings, do this instead:

1) Rather than rushing forward in a panic to set resolutions or a list of goals you can start on New Year’s day, forget all that and enter the New Year in a mode of being absolutely present, and absolutely positive about how great it’s going to be.


2) By following this approach, you’ll end up doing everything you’re supposed to as and when it’s supposed to be done.  Because you are not forcing yourself to accomplish something in a certain period of time


3) If you do not set any resolutions, you are supposedly to panic less and dare more. 


4) Enter the New Year with zero pressure on your back to do anything other than be present. Live in the present completely. 


5) It is said rightly, that the past is gone and is no more, the future has not yet arrived. So live in the present.


6) You may turn over as a person who is open-minded to positive change and receptive to being kind and compassionate to others.


7) The reality is that there’s no point in setting the same resolutions you’ve been setting for years on end, only to feel disappointed and down on yourself.


8) Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This perpetuates feelings of failure and inadequacy, which is wholly negative.


9) Instead, consider for a moment why you haven’t shifted that weight, changed that job, built that shed in the garden or watched your son play football more often. Maybe you are comfortable in your own skin. Be as you are.


10) It’s time to make a real change. It’s time to take stock of where you are and what you want out of life, not to continue doing what others expect you to do or what you think might make you seem or feel more successful or more appealing.

11) New Year or not – that’s just as day, once we turn the search inwards and start truly understanding the “self”, we aren’t just given a chance to start again; it’s more than that. We are reborn, revitalized and most importantly, free.

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How about, for this New Year, come January the 1st, you just allow you to be you? It doesn’t seem like a big resolution, but in fact this is absolutely massive. Try it.

And if you must set a resolution, then make it this: Give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year.

And if you have to set a goal, set a goal to set no goals.


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