11 Best Gems Panda Ever Making Us Go Crazy Behind

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Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery subsidiary company wholly owned by American company Mondelēz Internationalsince 2012. It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Wrigley’s.

But many of us accept it as our home brand and most of our childhood is spent with love and crave on the products of cadbury. Gems and Diary Milk are the most popular ones to mention among them.

Cadbury Gems released a new version of their product with free toys in the surprise ball which could easily attract even the adults. They had portrayed the concept of childishness in each one of us so cleanly. The concept of “Raho Umarless” was catchy and worth buying the candy for those very cute Panda’s for free.

Anybody could go crazy to collect all these panda’s and show off to their friends. We also had the series of color changing panda’s which turned from one color to another when placed under water. Below are the best cadbury gems panda which most of us liked to have.

1) Dr. John Panda

The best panda among color changing panda’s is the Dr.John Panda. It changes color from light green to dark green when placed in water.

alignthoughts-dr john panda color chaging from light green to dark green

2) Tim Wand – The Magician Panda

Looks like the panda is multi-talented and can perform magics as well. This version of panda released in the surprise ball of gems brought too many followers of the panda series.

alignthoughts-tim wand magician panda color change from purple to blue

3) Charles Ray – The Graduate Panda

The graduate panda slightly inherits the facial appearance of the magician panda. Although the panda seems not much happy on his graduation this panda made it to the top list of sellers amongst the fan followers.


4) Zoom – The Racer Panda

No doubt, that any racer will go crazy to have hundreds of this panda collection. The attire, attitude and the style is what makes it look the best racer.


5) Maxwell the scientist panda

Hehe :) This one makes me reminded of the greatest scientist ever – Albert Einstein. Inspired by his hair style, this panda looks no less than a scientist.


6) Captain shark pirate panda

Wow, these panda’s are just so cool. They win over any contest just for their mustache. These panda’s change color from yellow to green.


7) Tyler – The Hip Hop Panda

All set for the party mood, this hip hop panda made panda’s look in a different perspective. Where’s the party tonight?

alignthoughts-tyler the hip hop panda color change from purple to blue

8) Tony detective panda

Tony , the detective is always on his job. The dedicated detective 😛


9) Anna the nurse panda

Here you go, the female version of panda. Cadbury has reached its limit with all the male version of the panda’s and so they tried with a female version – the Nurse panda. She is not so cool as the male version of the panda’s, yet made it to our list because of the popularity it gained.


10) Sean Panda

Known for his style, Sean panda was the most loved among the kids, This panda came in several colors like purple, green and orange.


11) MJ Panda

The Michael Jackson panda, with its red hat and suit looks like the fatter version of actual MJ. People just loved it because of its name. The Michael Jackson Panda



Which one is your favorite panda? Comment below and let us know.

ImgSrc – cadburypanda.blogspot.com

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