10 Incredible Facts About Michael Jackson

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1) Michael Jackson also known as MJ, started wearing hat to hide his pimples that later became a part of his dancing style. Michael_Joseph_Jackson_Young_Michael_016711_

2) On Christmas, Michael spent $10,000 worth of gifts for his kids. Yet during the last days of his life, he was not able to pay his bodyguards.


3) MJ did his own laundry! He once ran out of detergent and asked his house staff to go and buy him some more so that he could clean the kids’ clothes!


4) MJ was always late for events because he would see something about himself that he needed to fix. He often spent up to 3 hours with his stylist to make sure he looked just right.


5) Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Album is the biggest selling album of all time, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. It also holds a place in the Guiness Book Of World Records.


6) MJ died with the feelings of having a painful childhood. Probably that’s why he was an awesome father. MJ’s kids had school at home, but he wanted them to wear uniform.


7) After Michael Jackson’s death a starry memorial service was held in Los Angeles. One of his staffs tells that”I looked around at a lot of celebrities and it made me wonder, where were they when he needed them? They had turned their back on him after the trial.”


8) The late entertainer admired song and dance stars from the golden age of Hollywood, including his heroes Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, and wanted to emulate their success.


9) Jackson has been given 372 recognized awards, which has been promoted as being the most for an artist. These include the most Grammy Awards and American Music Awards ever won in a single year.


10) This ‘King of Pop’ is the man behind today’s popular dance styles, moonwalk and robot, both of which bear the name MJ style. Most of his albums had titles from his personal life.’Man in the Mirror’, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’,’You are not alone’ are few of the examples.



Childhood memories tend to stick for lifetime. Though this pop superstar has gained name and fame through his achievements, he always had the pain of abusive childhood inside.

What we could learn from this global entertainer is that “Keep Going and Never Give Up”. No matter what the world thinks of you, until you agree to it.

His life ends, but the music still goes on…

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