10 Cute & Innocent Letters From Children to God You Must Read!

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No matter what, Childhood will always be the best and precious phase of a person. It is the time for children to be in school and at play, to grow strong and confident with the love and encouragement of their family and other adults. It is a precious time in which children should live free from fear, safe from violence and protected from abuse and exploitation.

The thoughts of children are so pure and innocent which fades away as the child grows into an adult. The beauty of a person will remain fresh when he grows old, but still holds back the child within him.

Children were asked to write letter to God and the response is really amazing. Below are some cute letters of kids and their conversation with God.

This truly depicts what children assume as God and their pure hearts are revealed from this. I believe, everyone one of us must assume God as our friend and nothing else. If these thoughts prevails in everyone of us, then the world will not suffer with violence and hatred in the name of religion.

Go ahead and enjoy the innocence and spread the love :)  

Dear God, I want to be just like my daddy when I get big, but not with so much hair all over

1) Lucy’s curiosity is really appreciable.


2) Joyce seems to looking for a puppy and not a baby brother. Poor Joyce thinks God has mistaken his request :) 


3) Raphael’s chess set is more than anything for him.


4) Mickey seems to be more excited about his shoes, that he wants to show them to God.


5) Oh wow, this kid’s thought is so damn good. She just innocently asks God, why does he wants to gift death to those who are born. And there, she provides a solution too.


6) He thinks kissing in church is a sin and nobody has clarified his doubt yet :) 


7) Sam is one of those kids who just loves to be like his daddy, but there is something funny which he dislikes about his dad :) 


8) Nan is really surprised how God handles the entire universe, and how could he love everybody the same way?


9) Here is Charles, sending an appreciation letter to God. I am sure God will really be happy to know this :) 


10) Praying is not the only time to think about God. This is what this kid inspires us about.


Humanity is the true ‘religion and God’ you must endorse. Be kind, be loved, be a human.

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